White Marine Pearl finish

Model #1403, circa 1936, w/Chrome plated parts (optional special order)

Slingerland Radio King engraved top rim, 12x14" three ply shell, six lugs top & bottom, duel tone control w/green felt pads, three reinforcing rings. Little to NO fade on this beautiful White Marine Pearl finish. Shell is 'in round', NO extra holes and very good original bearing edges.

NOTE: the interior Slingerland 'script' washers at sometime were replaced.

NOTE: detail photo of bottom reinforcing ring. The information reads: 1st. model #1403, 2nd. Chrome (chromium), 3rd. 6 for six lugs.

NOTE: the hole in the reinforcing ring is one of the mounting holes for a lug. That lug had to remove the lug in order to take this detail photo.

"Shur-Grip" Tom Tom Stand (cradle) #1461-Chromium (chrome plated). Webbing has been added but can be easily removed.

NOTE: this 14" Tom Tom and Cradle appear in the Slingerland 1936 catalog, page sixty-two.


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