c. 1938 Radio King Slingerland

16x16" Floor Tom Tom

Three ply drum shell; mahogany/poplar/mahogany with 1" maple reinforcing rings.

NOTE; strips of black tape covers the veneer seam, remnant of original Black Diamond Pearl.

Also, two slight splits on the outer veneer (not through the drum shell).

Fitted with 8 original Streamline Lugs (nickel plated), single flanged rim (not engraved), original tension rods w/washers and, rim clips.

NOTE; modern drum heads fit snug.

NOTE; top set of lugs are missing two mounting screws

bottom bearing edge has some ply separation

some of the outer veneer is missing near the seam.

Missing the tone control and bottom set of lugs etc.

Unoriginal set of 60s Ludwig floor tom tom legs and mounts.

NOTE; this 16x16" floor tom tom is an Excellent Candidate for restoration

and, an addition to your PRE-war Radio King drum set.


Price; $100.


An additional service charge of $5. added to the H&S fees for this item.

Please also see; Snares and Drum Sets Pages


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