1932 Leedy Sticker Badge

10x14" Snare Drum Shell

Butt side Snare Bed

Butt side Snare Bed

Butt Side Snare Bed

Sticker Badge, Snare Strainer side

Date Stamp; 32-11

Date Stamp; 32-11 (November 1932)?

Three ply shell; mahogany/poplar/mahogany, maple reinforcing rings.


NOTE; this drum shell has plenty of extra holes in it. I placed white sticker over all of the original mounting holes.

It originally was fitted with Single Tension Long Rods and, hoop claws to work with the original wood hoops.

This drum shell still produces a nice resonance and is an excellent candidate for restoration.


Overall; project for restoration;

@ FREE to a good home.

New owner to pay H&S fees.

NOTE; an additional charge of $5. added to the H&S fees for this item.

See also; Snare and Drum Set pages.

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