Black Oyster Pearl finish (original)

14x20" Bass Drum

Three Ply shell; mahogany/poplar/mahogany, w/Maple reinforcing rings. White paint interior. The drum shell is 'in round' with excellent factory bearing edges.

NOTE; the original 'swing-away' type legs and mounts were replaced/upgraded with the 1970s Arch type legs and mounts.

Also, the finish seam is 'flat and tight' as shown.

NOTE; the original Rail Consolett type tom tom holder was replaced/upgraded with the center double tom tom type mount.

NOTE; the rear hoop inlay is the original Black Oyster Pearl while the front hoop inlay is retro. 1960s replacement.

Also, the cymbal 'L' arm is a replacement.

The Black Oyster Pearl finish doesn't show any signs or areas of fade. Nor any hair line splits. There are a few superficial scratches worth mentioning. This bass drum is very tonal and can produce a lot of volume when needed. It's an excellent example of Ludwig's quality!

Keystone Badge w/six digits, c. mid 1960s.



NOTE; Ringo playing a 20" bass drum; eight lugs per side.

+File photo credit; unknown.

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