Red Sparkle (glitter) Pearl finish

Leedy & Ludwig 10x14" Snare Drum shell w/o snare side rim.

Shell dated 5404 (Apr. 1954) the last year of production.

NOTE; Shell has extra holes. Looks like somebody tried to use this drum for a floor tom. Probably attached Ludwig floor tom leg mounts. Also, a different snare strainer and butt piece were attached so, there's some small extra holes in those ares.

The red glitter sparkle finish is actually in very good condition with just a little bit of fade. The photo does not accurately display the red sparkle which is usually difficult to photograph. When this drum is all complete, it has an awesome sound!

Perhaps the most desirable aspect of this snare drum are the original (8) Ludwig "Imperial" nickel plated lugs which were used more extensively during the 1940s. This set of lugs also happen to be ALL COMPLETE. They were commonly affixed to Leedy & Ludwig snare drums as Leedy never produced a 'center' type snare drum lug. After Slingerland acquired Leedy (circa 1954), a Leedy style 'center' snare drum lug was produced until 1965. Review photo below for details.


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