1940s Leedy

Black & Gold Duco. lacquer refinished

9x13" Tom Tom

double flanged "Stick Chopper" rim

Slingerland 'Sound King' lugs

Triple flanged rim (replacements)

Date Stamp; 9-40 (September 1940)

NOTE; the bottom reinforcing ring is 1" wide, top re. ring is 1/2"

Date Stamp; 11-22-40 (November 22, 1940)

Date Stamp; 1740 (?)


This drum is interesting in that it has three different date stamps in it, all of which are 1940.

It has been rewrapped with another veneer then, painted as shown.

Missing original parts; Leedy badge, tone control and, tom tom holder.

However, it produces an Amazing sound.


PRICE; $50.

NOTE; there will be an additional $5. service charge add to the H&S fees for these two conga drums.


Please also see; Snares and Drum Sets Pages.

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