ALERT; Stolen Drum Alert.

Blue Sparkle finish

Slingerland "Two to One" 6.5x14" T.D.R. snare strainer, Niles, IL badge

Six ply shell.

Stolen; 09/16/06.

This Slingerland "Two to One" T.D.R. snare drum was stolen from my Van in Phoenix, Arizona along with:

Rogers "Holiday" Champagne Sparkle finish, 14x24" Bass Drum shell, w/flat gray paint interior, Dayton, Ohio paper tag.

Ludwig 1980s, 9x10" Concert tom, six ply shell, White Gloss finish (unoriginal).

If you should happen to have any information about any one or all of these items, please contact me immediately.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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