NOTE: this item was featured in the issue of "Not So Modern Drummer" magazine Volume 12, #2, Page 10.

New Reproduction "Super" 'clamshell' snare strainer handle; Cat. Part #976-2.

Utilizing 'state of the are' computer technology, this (originally faulty) snare strainer lever has been precisely reproduced and improved. Reproduction of this lever starts with 'spring steel', which is a huge upgrade over the metal originally used. Then, heat treated (hardened) which increases its' strength 10 times. Followed by plating; polished nickel.

This reproduction handle is "guaranteed never to break."

Left Photo, Front Profile; Left is an original, Right is a Repro (nickel).

Right Photo, Rear Profile; Left is an original, Right is a Repro (nickel).



EXAMPLE; 1940s (war era) "Radio King" w/Clamshell "Super Strainer" complete w/original handle.


EXAMPLE; circa 1955 "Radio King" w/Clamshell "Super Strainer" complete w/replacement handle.


EXAMPLE; ( dated Oct. 1960) "Sound King" w/o Handle (left), w/replacement handle (right)


EXAMPLE; 1960 "Radio King" w/o Handle (left), w/replacement handle (right).

"Guaranteed never to break."

Available ONLY in polished Nickel plating.


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NO Cash Refund will be forwarded.


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1962 "Super Strainer" part list.

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