Blue Satin Flame finish

1972 'new' blue ink aluminum (Made in Japan) badge

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At the Kent Drum factory formally known as "Drummers Paradise, Home of Kent Drums," I myself (February, 1972) personally watched one of the owners grind off the "Made in Japan" inscription (bottom of badge) and then try to sell these drums as still being made at the Kenmore, NY factory. In fact, in 1972, Kent Drums discontinued all production and turned to importing ready made drums "Royalstar" from Tama (who agreed to affix the new Kent badge on the drums).

By the late 1970s Royalstar became Tama Drums. These drum shells were the same also used by Pearl Drums for their "Majestic" drum line.


The imported 'new' Kent Drum line was an enormous improvement over the original Kent drums. Which, inarguably, were the worst mass produced drum of the 20th century. And, incidentally, became the starter, and standard 'garage band' drum set in the Buffalo and Western New York area during the 1960s & 70s. To this day, Kent drums can readily be found in that region.

1189 Military Road, Kenmore, New York

Former site of the "Kent Drum" factory

a.k.a. "Drummers Paradise, Home of Kent Drums."

This location now houses automotive repair.

Photo taken; 08/2000.

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