"Whitehall"c. 1968 "Challenger Outfit" 3pc Drum Set

Tiger's Eye Pearl aka, Pearl Gold Agate aka, Root Beer Pearl.

NOTE; this premium finish has never been reproduce.

3pc drum set; sizes, 8x12" Tom Tom, 14x20" Bass Drum, 5.5x14" Snare Drum.

Bass Drum; standard eight lugs per side.

NOTE; missing the; Whitehall badge, cymbal 'L' arm, the rear bass hoop finish inlay and, eight (rear) tension rods are replacements.

The rail consolette tom tom holder is complete and functions properly.

NOTE; a slight line in the finish. Probably due to a material overlap. Nothing wrong with the shell and does not effect the great sound of this bass drum.

All three drum shells are Mahogany multi-ply. Also, the reinforcing rings are Mahogany.

This unique combination gives a full warm sound.

The rear/batter side head has the original logo (still visible) which has been painted over.

Snare drum; standard eight lugs, All complete and original.

Missing the Whitehall badge.

NOTE; there is some light surface pitting on the top rim along the area behind the snare strainer handle.


Tom Tom; is complete and functions perfectly.

This a very eye catching and Awesome sounding drum set.


NOTE; this is a file/reference photo of the missing Whitehall badges.


Overall condition; Excellent Plus.


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