Yamaha original Blue Willow Pearl finish; circa 1968.

3pc Drum Set sizes; 9x13" Tom Tom, 16x16" Floor Tom, 14x22" Bass Drum.

All three drum shells are Birch multi-ply.

NOTE; the bass drum is missing the cymbal 'L' arm. Otherwise, all three drums are complete and intact.

Both of the original Yamaha Logo bass drum heads are included.

9x13" Tom Tom.



16x16" Floor Tom Tom.


'V' type Yamaha badge.

NOTE; all three badges have the exact same Serial Number imprinted on them.

NOTE; All three drum shells are; in round, perfect factory bearing edges, NO extra holes anywhere.

All around this is a Fabulous set of drums, in appearance and sound!

Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint.


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