Sonor White Satin Flame finish.

All finish seams are flat and tight

Five piece drum set

Sizes; (2) 12 5/8 x 8.5" (European Metric, uses 13" standard size heads) Tom Toms,

16x16" Floor Tom, 20" Bass Drum, 5x14" matching Snare Drum.

Original double tom tom holder.

NOTE; the cymbal holder rod w/tilter and tighting wing screw are missing.

NOTE; slight finish cracks stemming from the cymbal holder mount.

NOTE; the rear/batter side hoop, tension rods and claws are replacements/unoriginal, which work fine.


The three tom toms are totally complete and appear to be all original.

All five drum shells are Scandinavian Beach-wood multi-ply shells. All shells are:

in round, perfect factory bearing edges and, NO extra holes anywhere.

Left photo; date stamp, 804 (April, 1968) appears in all five drums.

Right photo; badge inscription, Made in Western Germany.

Each drum has a small ID. number etched on a rim.

The snare drum is all original except for the two drum heads and snare wires.

The snare strainer is missing it's cap. However, the strainer functions perfectly.

NOTE; as a point of reference, study how the snare wires are connected tied to the strainer.

'Beer tap' type adjustable tension butt piece.

Original Sonor logo snare/bottom drum head has a very small hole in it.

Each drum has some scuffs on the finish but, nothing drastic. Also, a small id. number etched on a lug or a rim.

This is a very eye catching set of drums. It creates a lot of excitement both visually and tonally.


Overall condition; Excellent Plus.


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