Blue Sparkle finish

circa 1960

3pc Set; 8x12" tom tom, 14x14" floor tom tom, 14x20" bass drum.

All three drum shells are six ply Maple, in round, no extra holes, factory bearing edges and, gray paint interiors.

These drums are fitted with a new set of "Aquarian American Vintage" drum heads. The heads have a snug fit on the tom tom and a looser fit on the bass drum.


NOTE; none of these three drum ever had an interior 'Gretsch brand' paper tag. Which dates them PRE 1962.

8x12" tom tom

All original equipment. NOTE; tom tom interior appears to have been lightly painted sometime in it's past. It does not effect the great sound of this tom tom.

8x12" tom tom & 14x14" floor tom tom.

Most of the chrome finish has some light pitting and/or wear.

1950s/60s Gretsch mount with the 'through' screw mounting holes.

NOTE; black rubber washers are used to increase traction between metal parts.

Famous Gretsch 'round badge'.


I've owned this drum set for the past 15 years and now feel that it's time to let it go.

Overall condition; Excellent Plus.


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