Black Diamond Pearl finish

3pc Set; 13" Tom Tom, 14" Floor Tom Tom, 20" Bass Drum.


14x20" Bass Drum; three ply shell; bare Maple interior/Poplar core/Mahogany exterior. Maple reinforcing rings.

NOTE; No cymbal holder mount was ever installed.

NOTE; replacement wing screw on the bass drum leg mount; right side.

Bass drum interior date stamp; Jan. '66. NOTE; large block 'P' which designates Pearl finish.

9x13" Tom tom; three ply shell same as the bass drum. Chrome/brass "Stick Saver" rims, tone control.

NOTE; two small extra holes within the Diamond plate tom tom holder mounting screws (study detail photos).

14x14" Floor tom tom. Chrome/brass "Stick Saver" rims.

NOTE; replacement wing screw on one of the leg mounts (study detail photo).

Three ply shell same as the bass and small tom tom. Tone control.

Slingerland Niles, Il. Black & Brass badge w/serial number. NOTE; one small finish wear mark just above the badge.

This classic drum set offers every vintage aspect; regal appearance and fantastic sound.


Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint.


NOTE; there will be an additional $12. service charge added to the H&S fees for this drum set.

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