Sonor Force 2001 Designer Set

Cobalt Blue finish

Fitted with "Designer" long tube lugs which offer finer tuning and more resonance.

4pc Set; 10" & 12" Tom Toms, 14" Floor Tom, 20" Bass Drum.

NOTE; each drum is 2" deeper than standard.


Double tom tom mount.

NOTE; Heavy duty bass drum legs are gaged and adjustable.

20" bass drum is 16" deep.

14" floor tom is 16" deep.

This is a Very Cool, capable drum set. It's modern sizes offer extra power when needed.

Note; the Sonor 400 Series Double Tom Tom Floor Stand. Double braced legs along with two tom tom mounting arms.


Overall condition; Very Good to Excellent Plus.

There are some superficial scuffs atop the bass drum.


See also; Snare Drums and Singles pages.

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