Black Strata Pearl finish

Londoner V outfit

12" 13" tom toms, 16x16" floor tom, 14x22" bass drum.

Left photo; 12" tom tom mounted.

Right photo; 13" tom tom mounted.

Swiv-O-Matic" dual tom tom holder #366.

NOTE; some superficial wear and, drum stick rash on top section of bass drum.

16x16" floor tom tom.

NOTE; a small area of the finish is pealed just left of the leg mount.

One of the Knobby leg mounts is a little loose.

The three legs are unoriginal replacements.

60s Rogers script logo badge.

All four drums were speckled paint interiors, the original owner painted them white.

The interior paper tags read:

Holiday Model

Made in U.S.A.


Fulerton, CA.

Rogers called this finish Black Strata Pearl

However, it's the same material Ludwig used calling it Black Oyster Pearl


Overall condition; Excellent Player:


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