original Black Oyster Pearl finish

All finish seams on both drums are factory 'flat and tight'.

Sizes; 9x13" Tom Tom, 14x22" Bass Drum.

Features; "Rail Consolett" tom tom holder, (2) cymbal 'L' arm holders, both mounts are attached but, one 'L' arm (left side) is missing.

NOTE; there is one small 'chip' on the finish only, to the right of the Rail Consolett holder and lug (study detail photo).

Both hoops are (metal) replacements. Front bass hoop inlay is original/intact to this drum set. Rear hoop is w/o inlay. All 20 hoop claws have much pitting on the finish. Front 10 claws are engraved "WFL".

13" Tom Tom completely original except for three tension rods.

Nickel/Brass rims, large "Classic" lugs, round knob tone control and, Diamond plate tom tom holder.

Date stamp (faint) inside of tom tom; Nov. 14, 1957.

Both drum shells are three ply; Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany with Maple reinforcing rings. Both are 'in round', No extra holes and, Factory bearing edges. All part & pieces are Nickel plated.

WFL (Ludwig Drum Co.) badge

This is a very rare 2pc set of WFL Ludwig drums. The finish is the highly sought after Black Oyster Pearl. This is absolutely the original, original Black Oyster Pearl and, what Ringo would have seen and heard before he bought his first set of Ludwig drums.

Aside from all the details and history, these drums sound incredible! Produced when Ludwig (and the rest of the industrious manufacturing USA) had a very high level of quatilty control. The beautiful finish is still vibrant with very little fade. This is a very rare find which I hate to let go of.

Overall condition; Very Good to Excellent Plus:


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