Red Sparkle finish

Four piece set; (2) 8x12" tom toms, 14x14" floor tom tom, 14x18" bass drum (Not converted floor tom).

All four wooden drums are constructed with Jasper Six ply Maple shells. Silver/gray paint interiors.

Custom designed 'glitter' bass drum logo head furnished by;

Circa 1970 production using late 1960s stock.

Modern drum heads fit onto the three toms and bass drum, snugly.

NOTE; the top/left side tom has three small scuffs in the area of the tone control knobs.

Re. "That Great Gretsch Sound" paper tags; the left side tom has it's paper tag, the right side tom is missing it's paper tag.

The 14" floor tom has it's paper tag.

The 18" bass drum has it's paper tag but, the right end is 'curling' and can be glued down again.

NOTE; both finish seams lifting on the bass drum. Also, both hoop finish inlays are new replacements.

However you choose to set them up, these beautiful drums are every Jazz drummer's 'dream come true'.

The original four pieces are Near Mint condition.

This drum set is a true 'show stopper'! No matter who you are with, on stage this drum set becomes the' center of attention.

Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint:


NOTE; there will be an additional $25. service charge added to the H&S fees for this item.

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