Blue Oyster Pearl finish

9x13" Tom Tom and 14x22" Bass Drum. Reproduction front bass drum head.

All parts/pieces are original/correct. Complete; cymbal 'L' arm holder, 'Clock face' Rail Consolette w/scrip logo metal stamp, Keystone badges w/five digit serial numbers, 'bat' tone control, T-rods, claws, "Classic" lugs and, front hoop w/matching inlay intact. NOTE; the rear hoop is a Ludwig replacement w/o matching inlay.

Both 'fold away' legs and mounts. White paint interior.

Bass drum date stamp; May 4, 1965. Three ply shell; mahogany/poplar/mahogany w/Maple reinforcing rings.

'Bat' tone control w/white felt pad, tom holder mount w/large wing nut.

Tom Tom dated; May , 1965. 'Right-smack-dab' on the wave of "Beatlemania".

Here's an opportunity to own some of that atmosphere and that "Mersey Sound".

The beautiful finish on these two drums is lustrous and vibrant. Both drum shells are 'in round' with excellent original bearing edges and, no extra holes anywhere. All chrome is very clean as is the finish.

You would be very proud owning these drums.

Overall condition; Excellent Plus


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