(Gretsch) Anniversary Sparkle finish

3pc Set; 9x13" Tom, 14x20" Bass Drum, 5.5x14" Snare Drum

Circa 1960 "Revere" made by "Kent Drum Co."


5.5x14" 3ply Maple shell, eight lugs.

NOTE; replacement (upgrade) snare strainer. One extra (original) hole for the original strainer.

NOTE; the 'over kill' snare butt piece.

Missing a tone control (Ludwig type), NOTE; two vacant mounting holes.


14x20" Bass Drum, Maple ply shell.

NOTE; rear bass hoop (Gretsch) , both legs and, tension rods are all replacements.

The front still has the "E.W. Kent" logo head intact.

The bass drum shell has only one mount atop front center. NOTE; no type of tom tom mount installed. Also, the Revere badge is mounted on the side of the shell.


9x13" Tom Tom, center lug style, Maple ply shell.

NOTE; the 'diamond' plate tom tom holder. Apparently this drum set must have been issued with a bass hoop tom mounting system.

The upper/top area of the tom tom has a slight bubble. Most likely from the original 'calf' heads which were probably issued with this drum set at the time. This tom tom does accommodate most modern heads.

Left photo; Revere Sparkle (exact title unknown)

Right photo; Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle. Issues exclusively (supposedly) by Gretsch Drum Co. from 1958 through 1962, celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Historical Note; The existence of this Revere drum set supports the liaison between the Gretsch and Kent drum companies. The producer of this particular sparkle finish was contracted to supply only Gretsch Co. with this product.

Overall condition; Very Good to Excellent Plus:


See also; Snare Drums, Gretsch.

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