Champagne Sparkle Pearl finish

4pc Set; 12" Tom, 14" Floor Tom, 20" Bass, C/B "Powertone" Snare.

NOTE; all four drums have their Cleveland, Ohio paper tags intact, w/flat gray interiors and, 'script' badges.

NOTE; the complete "Swiv-O-Matic" Tom holder, telescoping cymbal holder w/"Swiv-O-Matic" cymbal tilter and, bass drum 'bow tie' T-rods and claws.

14x20" "Holiday" bass drum; complete and ALL original, w/"Swiv-O-Matic" bass drum legs/mounts, and logo drum heads.

8x12" "Holiday" tom; complete and ALL original w/original logo resonant head.

14x14" "Holiday" floor tom; complete and ALL original.

NOTE; the 'stay tight' type legs and mounts installed on this floor tom.

"Powertone" Chrome/Brass Snare drum

5x14", eight "Beavertail" lugs, Rogers logo snare wires and 'script' badge.

NOTE; "Swiv-O-Matic" snare strainer, tone control and, Cleveland, Ohio paper tag intact.

I acquired this beautiful Rogers drum set from the original owner! It is complete and as far as I can tell, is ALL original. Through the years, I have kept it stored in protective cases. There is a slight 'scuff' on the bass drum and on the floor tom. However, the Champagne Sparkle is very vibrant, no extra holes anywhere and ALL finish seams are flat and tight.

This drum set has been one of my prized positions but, I'm ready to 'let it go' to a good home.

Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint.


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