Black wrap finish

4pc Set; 9x13" & 10x14" Toms, 16x18" Floor Tom, 14x24" Bass Drum

1st application; This drum set can handle all styles of music; rock, blues, big band.

Double tom tom holder; "Swiv-O-Matic" type.

The 13" & 14" toms are mounted on stands and the 18" floor tom is converted into a bass drum.

2nd application; this drum setup is enough for all types of 'combo' playing. Just right for 'be-bop' jazzers.

NOTE; the 14" tom has (3) sets of mounting holes. Probably a former owner attached legs to this drum for a while.

14x24" bass drum, Mahogany ply shell. All complete. NOTE; there is a two in scratch atop just behind the tom holder mount.


16x18" floor tom. All complete.


Overall; A very versatile 'two in one' type drum set.

Condition; Very Good to Excellent:

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