"Capri Pearl" finish (RARE)

Faded speckles.

3pc set; 9x13" tom (three ply shell), 14x22" bass drum (five ply shell) six lug, 5.5x14" snare drum (three ply shell).

Original "Capri Pearl" finish; NO splits, tears or bad scratches. Factory seams are flat and tight.

Matching bass drum hoop inlay is intact.

Drum shells are 'in round', NO extra holes.

Missing; 13" rim, (6) tension rods, head and badge, 22" hoop, (6) T-rods, claws, head and badge.

NOTE; complete "Rail Consolette" tom holder (nickel plated), telescoping cymbal holder arm.

NOTE; Bass drum batter side bearing edge has some slight ply separation (study detail photos). Most likely this bass drum left the Kent Drum factory this way as, Kent Drums had NO regard for the bearing edges.

5.5x14" six single tension rods

All snare drum parts/pieces are nickel plated w/pitting.

1960s era 'blue flower' style foil badge.

Condition; overall, Very Good to Excellent:


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