"Nile Blue" Lacquer finish (RARE)

NOTE; the Rarest color of the Custom Lacquer finishes.

Tama Granstar Custom 5pc set Totally complete; 10",12", 14" 'Power' Toms, 16" Floor Tom, 22" Bass Drum.

Multi ply Birch shells.


Set-up; 10" & 12" Toms mounted on the stand, 16" floor tom on legs, w/22" bass drum.

Left Photo; 10" & 12" Toms mounted on bass drum, w/16" floor tom.

Right Photo; 10" & 12" Toms mounted on bass drum w/14" Tom mounted on a stand.

NOTE; the two original tom mounts have been removed and attached to the two 'Rimms' mounts.

Left Photo; 10" & 12" Toms w/'Rimms' mounts, mounted on a stand.

Right Photo; 14" Tom w/'Rimms' mount, mounted on the stand and, the 16" Floor Tom mounted on it's three legs w/memory-locs.


Left Photo; 10", 12" & 14" Toms fitted w/'Rimms' mount and original tom mounts. 16" Floor Tom w/original legs.

Right Photo; illustrates the qualities of all four tom toms.

Tama Granstar Custom, Nile Blue Lacquer finish (RARE)

These drums sound Awesome! Especially the bass drum, it's a Killer! And, in every type of lighting, they look Spectacular!

Condition; Very Good to Excellent:


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