'Clear' "Vistalite" circa 1970s Blue/Olive badges

5pc set; 13" & 15" Concert Toms w/"Hercules" stand, 18" Floor Tom, 14x28" Bass drum and

(Rare) 6.5x14" "Rock Concert" Snare Drum.

NOTE; 3pc set; 18" floor tom, 28" bass and, matching 6.5" snare drum;

14x28" bass drum; ten 'long' double tension lugs. ALL 20 T-rods and claws are unoriginal, new replacements.

NOTE, front drum head; Remo 28" clear Pinstripe w/Ludwig 70s style Logo and 4" 'mike' port.

NOTE, both hoops are 'birds eye' Maple, unfinished.

Use of (new) hoop mount legs to support bass drum.

Clear "Vistalite" circa 1970s Blue/Olive badge

(Rare) 6.5x14" "Rock Concert" snare drum, "Classic" P-87 snare strainer, tone control.

Individually adjustable snare wires.

NOTE; Ludwig tuning key w/attachment for adjusting snare wire(s) tension.


NOTE; surface scratches before and aft of the B/O badge.

NOTE; Left photo, two factory mounting holes in one panel.

Right photo, surface 'rash' along one of the lugs. Looks like something might have been spilt on the surface.

18" floor tom; missing tone control. Top rim looks to be an unoriginal/ replacement.

"Hercules" stand has three sections, converted from a cymbal (holder) stand.

Both Concert Toms have/use the original 'clip/slide' type tom mount.


All five drums have the original factory tight seams. None of the drums have any; cracks, splits, repairs or, fractures. Also, NO extra holes on any of the five drums. Each drum does have some amount of surface scratches/rash.

This is an outstanding drum set. The bass drum (14x28") is absolutely Unbelievable!

Condition; Very Good to Excellent:


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