"Charcoal Diamond Pearl" (rewrapped)

C. 1953 "Progressive Jazz" 3pc; 12" tom, 14" floor tom, 20" bass drum.

NOTE; the 12" & 20" are three ply shells, the 14" floor tom is a six ply shell.

NOTE; the two toms have 'stick chopper' rims, the floor tom has the early 'double' style floor tom leg mounts.

Missing; all tone controls, Round Badges, cymbal 'L' arm (mount is on the bass drum), bass drum tone control, and both bass drum hoop inlays.

The bass drum has some extra holes where the original; tone control, tom holder, and cymbal holder where.

NOTE; the original 'rail consolett' tom holder.


the three pieces w/the 14" floor tom would be a "Progressive Jazz" configuration.


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