Rewrapped White Gloss (unoriginal) over the original "Blakrome" (Chrome-O-Wood type) finish.

Black/White NIles, IL badges

Circa 1980s standard sized; 8x12" & 9x13" mounted toms, 14x14" & 16x16" floor toms and, 14x20" bass drum.

All Five ply 'power' shells, painted white interiors.

Drum configuration; 12", 13", 16", 20"

Left photo; 12", 14", 16", 20". Right photo; 12", 14", 20".

All (4) tone control and (2) "Set-O-Matic" tom mount holes have been filled but could be reinstated if desired.

Original "Set-O-Matic" double tom mounting system has been replaced with a Yamaha double tom mounting system and "Rimms" tom mounts. NOTE; pitting on the 12" tom "Rimms" mount.

Yamaha bass drum tom mount utilized the original two front and large center holes. Two new rear mounting holes were drilled for the Yamaha bass tom mount. The original "Set-O-Matic" mounting holes (two rear) were filled in but could be reinstated if desired. If a "Set-O-Matic" bass tom mount were reinstalled, it would cover the two new mounting holes.

NOTE; all 16 T-rods and claws are NOT original Slingerland. They are new replacements.


This is an excellent 'Player' set considering:

Rewrapped finish over the original "Blakrome" (Chrome-O-Wood type) finish, filled-in mounting holes and replacement bass drum T-rods and claws.

Display Only.




5pc set; 12", tom, 14", 16" FTs, 20" BD, plus; 'TDR' 5x14" snare drum:

NOTE; photo is for display purposes only.

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