Blue Sparkle Pearl finish

Chrome "Supraphonic"

3pc Set; 8x12" Tom, 14x14" Floor Tom, 14x20" Bass Drum and, 5x14" ("Supraphonic" Snare Drum)

Three ply drum shells, reinforcing rings and, clear Maple veneer interiors.

NOTE; both bass drum heads and the bottom 12" & 13" heads are original to this drum set.

12" Tom; Keystone badge, Dated Sept. 2, 1969

14x14" Floor Tom; Blue/Olive badge, Dated Jan. 8, 1971

14x20" Bass Drum; Keystone badge, Dated Sept. 3, 1969

5x14" "Supraphonic" Snare Drum; Blue/Olive badge, undated.

"Rail Consolett" Tom Holder w/clock face and, Ludwig 'script' logo

Chrome/Ludaloy "Supraphonic" 5x14" Snare Drum, 10 lugs, B\O badge, ALL complete including Ludwig 'script' logo snare wires.

Condition; Excellent+ to near Mint!

This drum set is absolutely stunning and sounds awesome! The Blue Sparkle finish is very vibrant!

This would be a very proud possession!


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