Lacquered Beech wood refinished

"Teardrop" lug era dated October 1963 (310)

4pc Set; 12 1/2x8 3/4" Tom, 16x15" Floor Tom, 14x20" Bass, 5x14" Snare Drum. Three ply shells w/reinforcing rings. NO extra holes anywhere, 'in round' shells w/very good bearing edges.

NOTE; ALL bass drum T-rods & claws are correct Sonor. The front hoop is chrome/steel (non-original/replacement).

NOTE; snare drum stand shown is NOT included in this sale.

Snare drum and floor tom are complete. The 12" tom is only missing the original tightening wing screw. There is a replacement tightening screw which works properly and correctly.

The bass drum is missing; cymbal holder rod and, rear hoop is missing an inlay.


Tom holder is missing the original tightening wing screw but, there is a replacement which works properly and correctly (study detail photo).

NOTE; Sonor "Mallets" logo affixed to the 12" tom.

5x14" Snare drum completely intact; 16 staggered Teardrop lugs, tone control and, snare strainer chrome cap!

Three ply shell w/reinforcing rings.

Snare drum dated October 1963 (310) inside opposite of Sonor badges.

1960s "Hamilton" type snare drum stand.

Condition; Very Good to Excellent


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