Metallic Pewter Gray Wrap finish

circa Mid to Late 1980s

Power 'Square' sizes: 12x12", 13x13" & 16x16" toms. Three ply shells w/bare Maple interior veneer, no reinforcing rings. Chrome/steel "Stick Saver' rims.

NOTE; due to the 'Squared' drum sizes, these toms were probably some of the latter produced at the Niles, IL factory before Slingerland went 'out of business' in 1988.

16x22" Bass Drum: five ply 'Power' shell. All three toms are three ply shell w/o reinforcing rings.

Bass drum (Pearl type) double tom mount, NOTE; Slingerland logo.

Unoriginal/replacement bass drum legs are actually Sonor brand.

Slingerland B/W Badge; Niles, IL

Overall condition: Very Good to Excellent:


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