Tama Superstar; Red Wine Lacquer finish

ALL Birch drum shells.

7pc set; 7x8", 9x10", 11x12", 12x13" toms, 16x16" floor tom, 16x22" bass drum, and 5x14" c/s snare drum.

NOTE: 12" tom finish appears to be a shade lighter than the rest of the drum set. The clear coat finish seems to have some fade.

Power 16x22" bass drum.

NOTE: scratches on right top of bass drum due to contact with mounted tom.

7x8" & 9x10" toms w/ double braced legs tom stand

Power 11x12" & 12x13" toms mounted atop of bass drum.

16x16" floor tom

Right photo; NOTE: extra top mount for accessories.

Condition; Very Good to Excellent:




Additional 16x18" floor tom.

NOTE; photos are for display purposes ONLY.

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