Slingerland Radio King late 1940s

White Lacquer finish

2pc Set: 9x13" Tom, 14x20" Bass Drum.

"Streamline" lugs, "Stick Chopper" rims, rim clips. ALL parts are nickel plated except for the bass hoop mount tom holder which is chrome plated.

NOTE: bass hoop mount tom holder is incomplete.

Three ply shell w/massive Maple reinforcing rings.

14x20" Bass Drum (rare size), ALL "Streamline" lugs, T-rods & claws (nickel plated). Cymbal mount appears to be unoriginal.

Original Slingerland badge was replaced with a metal washer. Original calf skin heads on both sides, 'soft' case.

Three ply shell w/mahogany interior veneer. The cymbal mount is affixed exactly opposite of the vent hole. The large 'M' on the interior to the right of the cymbal mount signified the exterior veneer as Maple. This was necessary for a lacquer finish.

Both of these fine drums came at different time, from different sources. But, both have the same white (faded) lacquer finish.

This 2pc set sounds fabulous!

Overall condition: Very Good to Excellent:


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