Champagne Sparkle Pearl finish

3pc "Holiday"; 13" Tom, 16" Floor Tom, 22" Bass drum.


18" hex rod cymbal holder #332R can be mounted on either the tom floor stand (left photo) or, on top forward center bass drum mount (right photo). Also, the bass drum hoops Champagne Sparkle inlays are intact.


The champagne sparkle finish on all three drums is in Excellent Plus condition. No fade at all on the bass drum. The two tom toms have minimal fade. NOTE; the floor tom tom has a small superficial scuff. Also, the front 22" bass drum head has the Rogers logo and came with this drum set.


Bass and floor tom drum shell interiors are painted flay gray. The mounted tom interior is speckle painted (not shown). All three drums have the Dayton, Ohio paper labels.


This has been my personal drum set. No matter where I have taken it, these drums have received overwhelming compliments on; stunning appearance, Near Mint condition and, unbelievable sound!

"Rogers; the' Cadillac of drums!"

Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint:


See also; Drum Sets and Snare Drum pages, Rogers.

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