Red & White Duco. Lacquer finish (special ordered finish).

According to the Rogers Catalog, this color combination was not offered and would have been "supplied on special order."

3pc set: 9x13" (Mayfair) Tom, double tension center lug (six with repaired hairline cracks). 14x20" (Mercury) Bass Drum, single tension center lug (six with hairline cracks). 5x14" (Mercury) Snare Drum, three lugs have hairline cracks. Hoop mounted: bass drum legs and tom holder. "Champ" bass drum pedal. Snare drum stand NOT included, for display purposed only.

NOTE: tom has both correct 'clip' type rims.

"Mercury" 5x14" snare drum, six Bread & Butter lugs.

Paper label inside of the 5x14" snare drum.

"Universal" snare throw-off.

Two extra holes in the bottom/snare rim.

All three drums have a white painted interior.

NOTE: the bottom 13" tom rim in this photo is an unoriginal/replacement. It has been replaced with a correct single flanged rim. The original six rim clips are included.

Eagle Badge circa 1950s

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See also: Hardware Page, Rogers.

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