Oyster Black Pearl finish

Ludwig 1970s 5pc set: 8x12", 9x13" Toms, 16x16" Floor Tom, 14x22" Bass Drum. All drums are three ply shells w/Lacquered Maple interior veneer. All parts are Ludwig with the exception of: the tom tom tension rods and the front bass drum hoop and the hoop inlay. The hoop inlay is a replacement/unoriginal but, is just about a perfect match. ALL parts work properly and correctly.

Overall condition of the Black Oyster Pearl (BOP) finish is very good. There are some small minor surface scratches. There is some small pitting on some of the chrome, basically in very good condition.

NOTE: There are two extra holes on the 13" Tom (study detail photo). The tom mount had been repositioned probably to accommodate the 13" Tom being mounted by itself.

NOTE: The floor tom has a small yellow 'stain' just to the lower right of the B/O badge. It is not evident in these photos.


NOTE: The inside of the Bass Drum shell has been painted black over the original Lacquered Maple veneer. This paint can be removed.

Overall condition is: Very Good to Excellent:


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