Black Diamond Pearl finish

Late 1940s (post war era; 1947 to 49)

13" tom, 22" bass, 5.5x14" eight lug snare drum

three ply shells (mahogany/poplar/mahogany) w/reinforcing rings, white painted interiors, chrome plated hardware and,

Walnut stained finish on bass drum hoops.

*Brand New "Aquarian'' (coated) bass drum head w/correct "Leedy" logo.


Possible unoriginal hardware; "rail consolett" tom holder and cymbal 'L' arm mount (missing 'L' arm), all nickel plated, leg mounts and (2) different legs. Also, one set (8) of 'key' tensioning rods. Chrome (rod) mount on top/rear of bass drum.

14x22", 16 lug bass drum, white paint interior, 3 ply shell w/reinforcing rings.

9x13" tom tom

NOTE: one short split in the Pearl finish located between the lug and seam (see detail photo)

5.5x14", 3 ply shell, 16 separate lugs, three point strainer, chrome/brass 'stick chopper' type rims and, tone control.

Extended bridge type butt piece

White painted interior


Top and bottom reinforcing rings were reglued at the seams sometime ago. Both bearing edges are in alignment. The excess glue should have been cleaned up but, doesn't impede the performance of this fine snare drum.


NOTE; Slingerland 16" floor tom is non-original to this drum set. However, it is the closest match I've been able to find.

*Brand New "Aquarian" (coated) bass drum head w/correct "Leedy" logo.

Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl finish 16x16" floor tom, 3 ply shell w/reinforcing rings (same materials and construction as the three Leedy drum shells. Interior has (unoriginal) black paint, "Stick Saver" rims.

Late 1940s (post War era; 1946/49) Elkhart, Indiana USA badge.


NOTE; snare drum stand NOT included with this sale.

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