"Combination Sparkle" (3) Blue, Sparkling White & Red Sparkle Pearl finish(es)


1970s 4pieces; five ply 'Power Shells'.

8x12", 9x13", & 10x14" Toms, 16x16" Floor Tom.

Tone controls installed on all four drums.

"Set-O-Matic" tom mount installed on all three mounted toms.

NOTE; two small splits (both @ 1") on upper Sparkling White band of the Floor Tom.

Floor tom leg mounts (3) all w/tightening screw.

NOTE; all three floor tom legs are missing.


This Rare and Beautiful set of Slingerland toms does NOT come with a matching bass drum and/or snare drum.

All four toms are in Excellent++ condition:


See also; hardware page, Slingerland.

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