Red Onyx Pearl finish

"Holiday" 5pc set; 12" tom, 13" tom, 16" floor tom, 20" bass, "Dyna-sonic" chrome/brass snare drum.

Details; bass drum Dual "Swiv-O-Matic" tom holder, floor tom "Knobby" leg mounts w/'hex rod' floor tom legs, 'hex rod' bass drum legs w/mounts. Both bass drum hoop inlays are intact.

NOTE; Red Onyx Pearl finish is in Excellent condition, NO splits, tears, cracks or extra holes. The shell interiors are speckled painted w/Fulerton, CA paper labels. This complete set appears to be original and correct.

NOTE; tom tom floor stand base (included) can be used to mount the tom(s) to the side of the bass drum.

5pc set Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint.

Rogers; Red Onyx Pearl finish w/script badge


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