Gloss Yellow finish

Leedy 1970s/80s!?

5pc drum set; 10x14" tom, 16x16" & 16x18" floor toms, 14x24" bass, and 7x14", 8 lug snare drum.

All 1970s/80s Slingerland details i.e.; "Set-O-Matic" tom mounting, chrome/steel "Stick Saver" rims, double bass drum legs, metal bass drum hoop inlays, floor tom legs w/mounts, "Zoomatic" snare strainer w/butt piece, five ply 'Power' shells (w/o reinforcing rings), Gloss Yellow wrap.

All 1960s Leedy details i.e., all lugs, bass drum T-rods & claws. And, all five 'blue & brass' badges.


7x14", 8 lugs, five ply 'Power' shell, "Zoomatic" snare strainer, chrome/steel "Stick Saver" rims.


Latter 1960s Leedy 'blue & brass' badge with postal number 48.

'Yellow Gloss' color swatch copied from the Slingerland 1980 catalog.

Overall excellent condition:


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