Solid Jet Black Pearl finish

"Holiday" series 3pc drum set; 8x12" tom, *14x18" bass drum, & matching 5x14" "Powertone" snare drum.

All details i.e., Beaver tail lugs, bass drum Bow tie T-rods & claws, "Swiv-O-Matic tom holder, chrome script badges, all flat gray interiors w/Cleveland paper tags, original drum heads except for batter side of bass drum.

"Powertone" Jet Black Pearl snare drum

5x14", eight Beavertail lugs, w/"Clock face" strainer, all original and complete (including both heads & snare wires). Snare drum stand not included.


extra mount (not Rogers) on bass drum. However, a Rogers "Swiv-O-Matic" disappearing internal cymbal holder #331R could easily be installed at this point. Thus, making it all Rogers.

Original Silver Sparkle bass hoop inlays are intact (not attached in the bass hoop routes as shown) but faded to the usual 'ginger ale' shade.


at some time this drum set was covered with contact paper! So, by and large, while the contact paper protected the black pearl finish, there are some after effects i.e., all three small metal grommets are missing (see photo of tom tom just below tone control knob), all three script badges have been reattached just slightly off their original position and, there are three (3) concentric and one (1) lateral scratch(s) on the bass drum.



the 14x14" floor tom (shown) IS NOT a Rogers "Holiday" drum.

The only other Rogers jazz set I've seen like this was the first time I went to hear Steve Gadd play in 1971. But, he used a matching wood Dyna-sonic snare drum.

"Artiste" equipment


See also: "Snare Drums," "Singles" and, "Hardware" pages, Rogers.

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