White Marine Pearl finish (yellowed with age)

"Gene Krupa Deluxe" circa 1947

Four piece set; 9x13" tom tom, 16x16" floor tom, 14x24" bass drum and, 7x14" "Radio King" snare drum.


7x14", one ply Maple shell, clamshell "Super" snare strainer.

NOTE; snare strainer equipped with a new reproduction handle and pin.

Sixteen Beavertail lugs, tone control, double flanged rims and, N.O.S. snare wires. All parts/pieces are nickel plated.

Brass oval badge circa 1955.

Features; bass hoop tom tom mount (attached to tom tom), cymbal 'L' arm holder (2) and, bass hoop anchor.

NOTE; (2) snare drum stands are Not included.

NOTE; front top center has some sort of inlay repair. It does not go through the shell. The two screws aft of the cloud badge are holding the internal light fixture. The cord and switch coming out of the shell utilize one of the mounting holes for the 2nd cymbal holder.

Left; (Brass) 'Cloud Badge'; the lettering is stamped into the surface.

Right: "Radio King" nickel plated brass engrave (embossed) double flanged rim.


NOTE; the light fixture mounted inside the bass drum shell. The fixture also contains an element "Beacon" which makes the light bulb flash on and off after it's heated up. However, most likely the fixtures' original application was that of a heating element to 'tighten up' the calf skin bass drum heads (in cold and/or humid weather) so the drummer could actually 'tune up' and play the instrument. Now, using a new switch, I turn it on during 'break time'.


The 9x13" tom is fitted with the original bass hoop tom mount. Also, fitted with "Fiber-Skin" drum heads.

NOTE; the felt piece between the tom mount and tom shell is placed there as a buffer to prevent any scratches to the WMP finish.

16x16" Floor Tom Tom

Tone control has double Red felt pads.

Floor tom tom interior construction. NOTE; factory designation with the large 'G'.


(2) cymbal 'L' arms (different lengths), one with it's holder, the other holder is mounted on the bass drum.


This drum set was hand made. Truly a work of Art with it's own unique character. When you sit down at them you can feel their 'swing'. "Sing, Sing, Sing" forever.

Overall condition; Excellent Plus to Near Mint.


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