Slingerland Modern Solo Outfit No. 2R

Green Glitter Sparkle finish

Five piece Set; 12" 13" tom toms, 16x16" floor tom, 14x22" bass, 5x14" snare drum.

NOTE; both bass hoops have been refinished.

NOTE; original Double Set-O-Matic Tom Tom Holder has been replaced.

Upgraded with a 'Pearl' type double tom tom holder.

Three ply drum shells; Maple/Mahogany/Maple. Maple reinforcement rings.

NOTE; little to no fade on the finish.

NOTE; floor tom tom legs possibly replacements but, appear to be original.

Bass drum legs and mounts are replacements.

1970s Niles, IL black/white (aluminum) badge, circa.

Sound King snare drum

5x14" chrome/brass shell


This is by far one of the most Beautiful drum sets I've owned or seen!

Along with its' Awesome classic sound, it's an Absolute Show Stopper!

When I've ventured out to use it on a 'gig', people just cant' keep their eyes off of it!



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