Slingerland Modern Jazz Outfit 9N

Gold Sparkle finish

4 Piece; 8x2" 14x14" 14x20" 5x14"

NOTE; both bass hoops have been refinished.

Rail Consolette Tom Tom Holder attached to Tom Tom and Bass Drum

NOTE; very slight fade to the Gold Sparkle finish

Strong date stamp in each drum; MAR. X 1966 (floor tom shown)

three ply shells; Maple/Poplar/Mahogany, Maple reinforcement rings.

NO; extra holes, shells are 'in round' and, perfect factory bearing edges.

Badge; Niles, IL Black & Brass.


Gene Krupa Sound King No. 130

5x14" chrome/brass shell

Note; some superficial scratches and slight pitting of the finish.

Original to this drum set:

Tuning key and, ratchet wrench for the Rail Consolette tom tom holder

Flush base snare and hi-hat stands (cymbal clutch not original).


COMMENT; except for the drum heads and snare wires, this drum set is ALL original.

Several photos have been shoot in different lighting to try to illustrate the rich vibrancy of this beautiful Gold Sparkle finish.


I purchased this drum set from the original owner. His parents gave it to him for a high school graduation present.

He played it through college then, put it away. It's been stored for about 40 years. Overall, it's in Remarkable condition


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