Rogers "Festival", #1860-Outfit, 4pc. Set.

circa 1962

Blue Glitter Sparkle finish

4pc set sizes; 12" mounted tom, 14" floor tom, 20" Bass and, 5x14" snare drum.

NOTE; the snare drum is attached to the bass drum using a (rare type) Swiv-O-Matic arm.

NOTE; the front bass hoop is a replacement/unoriginal. The rear hoop is missing it's finish inlay.


Matching "Holiday" snare drum with it's 'Clock Face' snare strainer.

Original Rogers script snare wires along with it's original tuning key!

All four drums have the flat gray paint interior along with the Holiday Cleveland, Ohio paper tags intact.

This set came with it's original soft cases and trap case.


1962 Rogers Drum Catalog ad. page

Ad. photo courtesy of;

This drum set overall condition:

Excellent Plus.

It was issued with the 'Bread & Butter' lugs. The lugs on the 12" tom have been reinforced with J.B. Weld.

Some of the lugs on the snare drum and bass drum have hair line cracks and will withstand applied tension.

This is an Awesome sounding drum set with a unique look. And, except for one of the bass drum hoops, still completely intact!



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