70s Whitehall Tigers' Eye Pearl finish

a.k.a. Root beer Pearl

5pc Set; 12" & 13" mounted toms, 16" floor tom, 20" bass drum, 5.5x14" Chrome/Steel Snare Drum.


4pc Set; with mounted 12" tom tom

4pc Set; with mounted 13" tom tom

NOTE; the original cymbal 'L' arm. Nothing says 'vintage drum set' more than the presence of the original cymbal 'L' arm.

5.5x14" Chrome/Steel Snare Drum. Eight lugs and all original (except for the two drum heads).

Included is the original; cymbal floor and snare drum stands and, bass 'kick' pedal.

Whitehall was produced by Pearl Drum Co.

The toms and bass drum shells are make of multi ply Africian Mahogany and produce and Excellent sound.

Overall condition:

Very Good to Excellent.

Price; SOLD.

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